Key West Real Estate - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Key West -A Look at Yesterday

Shipwreck Trail

Within Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary lies a trail of historic shipwrecks, scattered along the coral reefs and buried in the sandy shallows a few miles off shore. The nine ships along this Shipwreck Trail have many tales to tell, from the stories of individuals who came before us to why they were here and their difficulties in navigating these waters. Continue reading ...

Key West -A Look at Yesterday

Exploring Key West, Florida’s Hidden Black History

One weekend in Key West and I nearly caught “Keys Disease”-- that sudden urge that’s lured many a famous person to relocate to the area and call it home. But there’s more to Key West than beaches, boutiques and boats; there’s a lot of history here, and African American history is deeply embedded in the fabric of this island’s splendor, making this staycation a real winner for Black travelers. Continue reading ...