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Roger Washburn

Broker - Specializing in Residential
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After learning the basics of real estate with a three year stay at Florida’s largest Real Estate Company, I decided it was in my best interest and the interest of my clients to open my own boutique brokerage. At the end of the day, the large firms are more interested in their bottom line than the well being of their agents and the overall satisfaction of the buyers and sellers that drive the real estate market. I knew there was a better way. How did I get here…A little bit about my background? My first 30 years were in the corporate world with General Motors and Electronic Data Systems. My areas of specialization were Financial, Project Management, and Information Systems Consulting. As an Account Executive managing up to 100 engineers, I was responsible for the design and implementation of enterprise wide systems at Detroit Diesel Allison, Montgomery Ward, Commonwealth Edison, and Illinois Central Railroad among others. These assignments taught me one of real estates most important skills, they taught me to listen. And as an outside consultant, understanding the needs of my customer was critical to our success. After taking an early retirement, I became involved as a partner in the planning, design and building of a successful upscale restaurant in Ludington, Michigan. While still a partner, and involved in the financial and marketing decisions, I decided to say Bon Voyage to the Midwest winters and move to south Florida. It was time for me to embark on a second career. It seemed a very natural transition to take the consulting, technological, marketing and customer skills honed over 30 years and apply them to a new challenge, the world of real estate. It was during this time, looking at the local residential markets, that I became aware there was so much more to offer clients, sales associates and the community than the large real estate companies seemed willing and able to offer. Size of the company and size of the advertising budget did not translate to the “size” of their commitment or the “size” of their customer satisfaction. Business Our Way is our solution. I felt that a company which was built on a foundation of (1) State of the Art Technology, (2) Innovative Marketing, and (3) World Class Service
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